About J-TEA International

Our Story:

Our main goals at J-TEA are to bring you the best tea from Taiwan and China and to promote tea culture. We specialize in green, roasted, and aged Taiwanese oolongs and puers, as well as Formosa, Iron Goddess of Mercy, black teas and herbal teas. It is our desire to provide you with your personal favorite.

J-TEA was started by Josh Chamberlain in 2004 while he was living in Taiwan. Originally based out of Josh's home in Eugene, Oregon, J-TEA has now grown into an established tea house that is open to the public and has gained international attention for its modern architecture, superior teas, innovative tea processing methods and impressive first-hand experience with tea. To see our stages of growth, go here to read articles published in Taiwan and the US about us. 

J-TEA imports directly from small farms that we visit personally. Because of the variability from year to year and season to season, it is critical that we visit the farms and try each tea onsite before importing the tea into the US. We send the teas to a lab in Taiwan to test for pesticides and heavy metals. Once the tea is declared pesticide and heavy metal free, we import the tea into the US where we sell wholesale as well as retail. We are a small, sustainable company that has shown steady growth due to our high quality teas and excellent service. If you would like to purchase tea wholesale, please go here. For individual purchases please peruse our online shop. We take pride in simultaneously being strongly tied to our local community through wholesale, donations and events while also being a presence in the global tea market.

About the Owner:

Josh Chamberlain, the “J” behind J-TEA, grew up in Eugene and got his MBA from National Cheng Kung University. He was the second non-Taiwanese to have graduated from that program. It was during this period of his life that he fell in love with the tea of Taiwan. He found tea masters with whom he continues to study and he started making trips to the mountains to buy tea directly from the farmers. Besides getting a master's degree in business, he also actively learned martial arts and tea culture in the age old system of the student-master relationship. After living in Taiwan for six years, Josh moved back to Eugene in August of 2005 where he established J-TEA. He now makes an annual trip to Taiwan to learn more about tea and select premium teas for J-TEA. Josh's fluency in Mandarin Chinese, his enduring relationships with friends and peers in Taiwan, and understanding of Taiwanese culture gives him an advantage in navigating the depths of the tea world, giving him access to unique and remote, often inaccessible places. It is here that he is able to find the best teas to bring back to our customers.


Why buy Loose Leaf Tea from J-Tea International?

We bring you ethically sourced, hand-picked, high-grade loose leaf teas from Taiwan, China, and all over the world.