Ah Li Winter 2019

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This tea makes me feel so good. It is smooth and invigorating. This is some of the freshest tea we have available!

Jackfruit, Starburst, Osmanthus, Citrus


Brew Time: 5g ~ 3 Minutes

Color: Medium-High Golden

Nose: Aged Cherries, Candied Almonds

Flavor: Bamboo, Sea Air, Fresh Cucumber

Style: High Mountain Green Oolong

Mouth Feel: Medium Tannins, Low Acidity, Medium Finish


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1 Review

Julie Hessler Mar 13th 2023

Favorite of Ah Li sampler

Of the many delicious teas in the Ah Li sampler, this was my very favorite. Its fresh, strong, astringent flavor lingers in the mouth.

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