House Roast

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This batch of oolong was roasted in the shop at J-TEA in Eugene for twelve hours. It is tangy, and refreshing, as in it refreshes your thirst and refreshes your energy levels. 

Rose, cream, peppercorns.

Caramel, apple, menthol.

Color: Pale Green

Nose: Daisy, Lilac, Dried Hay, Fresh Milk

Flavor: Summer Flowers, Light Honey, Loquat, Honeysuckle

Finish: Low Acid, Medium Finish, Low Tannins




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1 Review

George Jun 17th 2021

House Roast

I enjoy the House Roast as my daily drink. It steeps well and has a pleasant flavor and mouth feel - with flavors as described on the site. I recommend it as a daily tea.

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