Li Shan Spring 2020

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A very inspiring tea! Broth, umami, thick, enough to nourish the soul. It goes from a slight vegetal green to mild lime rind citric with a smoothness take you to wow, wow, wow!

The finish elevates the palate with a lift sensation, while the stomach is lovingly taken down to earth. 

Grow area: Li Shan, Cui Feng "Emerald Mountain"

Elevation: 2200 - 2300 meters / 7217 - 7546 ft. 


Color: Medium Golden

Nose: Dried Hay, Barley, Dandelion

Flavor: Bamboo Shoots, Young Leaf Shoots, Dandelion, Daisy

Style: High Mountain Green Oolong

Mouth Feel: Medium Tannins, Medium Acidity, Medium Finish



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