Five Signs You or Someone You Love Has a Serious Tea Addiction

What are five signs that you have a serious tea addiction?

  1. You tea sesh right before bed… This is super counterintuitive, but it is one of life's greatest pleasures. It might mean you get a little less sleep depending on your tea processing constitution, but it is well worth it. One of the benefits is lucid dreaming. High quality tea burns cleaner so don’t try this with any mid to low grade tea. You also might be a little groggy the next day, but as long as you hydrate and sneak a few pints of tea in, you should be just fine.
  2. You schedule your day around your tea sessions. This is tea 101. I mean, is there really any other way to live? We don’t need tea out of a kind of dependency. We are just looking for a framework to organize the day. Tea in the morning, afternoon, and evening.
  3. You have enough tea in your personal stash, that it would take you a year or more to drink through it all. And we are talking about the premium stuff. I’m not talking about the stuff you have sitting around that you don’t drink because you don’t really like it. Remember, about a pound per month per person is a healthy rate of consumption. And if not this, you are on very close terms with your dealer and you have their number in your favorites.
  4. Your hygienist has to use a special polish to get the tea stain off. This might just be an American thing as Americans are more concerned with pearly whites than other tea drinking nations. Wait, I think I am suggesting that America is a tea drinking nation. A boy can dream.
  5. You buy your tea in cash or you have to take other measures so that the people in your family don’t find out about how much money you are spending on tea. Come on, these people just don’t understand. If you need any other suggestions of how to buy the tea and keep your budget a secret, feel free to contact me. I’ve seen almost every trick in the book. You’ve got priorities and I commend you. Tea is one of the few luxuries that is worth every penny. Many things we spend money on leave us feeling empty inside. Not tea.