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​Functional Evening Gong Fu Cha

Tea, in its earliest form, was a type of medicine. Over the centuries, it became more of a leisure activity. Every once in a while, it is the medicine that I need. Last night, we had dinner later than usual. With dinner was wine. Tea is a great way t…
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​Gong Fu Cha Essential Teaware part IV

When we brew gong fu cha, there is a lot happening at once, though it is the job of the brewer to make it seem as though almost nothing is happening, or that just one thing is happening. When the tea is brewing you are going to pour it into the pot,…
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​Essential Teaware for Gong Fu Cha: Part 3 - The teacup

For gong fu cha, everything is on a smaller scale. The cups are smaller as well and for good reason. The cup can usually hold between three to seven sips of tea. There are ultra small cups that are more like one sippers and there are bigger ones that…
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