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The Ginger Way to Brew Tea

This is a drink that helps me make it through the winter. I picked up the recipe in Taiwan and of course it includes tea. This is a strong ginger tea with high mountain oolong and some black sugar. The drink is used to alleviate cold symptoms. In the…
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How to Brew Gong Fu Cha

Gong Fu brew methodGong Fu brew with a small clay pot or porcelain cup with a lid (gai wan). I like this method because it is a higher level of interaction with the tea, and teaware and it fully brings out the teas characteristics.The main difference…
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​Kissed by the Dragon -} Chasing the Dragon —-}

I left off at the part where I was describing the values of cupping tea.I had one tea teacher tell me that cupping tea is like doing your homework. You have to know what 5g of tea is, you have to know how long three minutes is, and you have to know t…
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