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​Gong Fu Cha Ceremony

I have a problem with the way people use the word ceremony. A better word is practice. One never master's something unpracticed. Practice is nothing more than the act of doing something each day for a certain amount of time. We know that saying, “pra…
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​Essential Gong Fu Cha Tea Ware Part V

We are getting near the end of our essential tools of gong fu cha. I like to keep it simple and when it comes to brewing tea, oftentimes, less is more. The next piece of equipment that I would consider essential is some type of brew tray. For the mos…
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​Picking Tea

Many people have taken an interest in growing their own tea. I am a big fan of the tea plant, camellia sinensis. It is an interesting plant and in my research and experience, it grows much like an apple tree. Now is the time of year when we, in Eugen…
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