​There is Only Time to Act

In many times of my life, I have noticed myself involved in a trifecta of daily activities. In times that I am strong and living according to trusting myself, it is the three pillars of activity that sustains me. Now, in the current period, I have once again arrived at three daily activities that will not only sustain me, but keep me thriving. These are, walking… writing… and Taiji. Then there is tea… but it is easy to fit tea in while writing… before and after Taiji and before and after walking. In another bold move to move toward the life that I imagine for myself, I am starting the Taiji class up again. I am starting it and I will lead it and I will look for opportunities to meet with the teacher, be it in Europe or in Asia, or in the US, so that I can learn and continue the art to the best of my ability. I will learn. And I will lead the way as I am learning. This is bold, but there is no sense in waiting to become a master.

There is a great line about being an artist is self ordaining but so few people are artists, because so few people put in the work. It is the work that is sacred. And without putting in the work, it is exactly the same as the people that want to get a raise before they are willing to put in the extra work. Only a few know that putting in the work first is a prerequisite to the greater rewards. And the rewards that are external might not come. And this is the scary part. But the scariest part is doubting that they will come so strongly that we make up any number of reasons not to do the work. And life goes by. Time waits for no one. So now is a good time to start.