Fern Ridge Reserve

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Notes of malty Assam, carrot tops, zest, pine tar, and honey glazed carrots. This tea is hefty without being overbearing. Made from a rare original cultivar that was planted in the area known as "shan cha". A bit like Yunnan ancient tree raw puer and after a slight oxidation, the result is a honey flower finish. From Six Turtle Mountain in Southern Taiwan's Kaohsiung County. The farm is in a natural setting that it thirty minutes from the Mao Lin butterfly reserve. 

Color: Pale Golden to Light Lavender Purple

Nose: Drying Hardwood, Barley, Honey

Flavor: Green Grass, Spring Flowers, Unripe Strawberries

Finish: Light, Medium-High Tannins, Low Acidity, Medium Finish


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2 Reviews

Jason H Mar 1st 2023

Relaxing and delicious

Smells of honey and has an almost natural creamy taste. Slightly aged and edging towards a black tea. No real bitterness at all. Currently snowing outside and this is just the perfect tea for the weather! Really worth a try!

matthew c Jul 21st 2021

nice tea for early evening rainy day vibes

Tasting notes are of a malty tea, more towards a black tea in character rather than an oolong or green. Has some weight to it, not a light floral tea at all, and a light puer taste that would be good for you if you find some of the older puers too overwhelming.

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