Bee's Knees Bird's Nest

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This tea has a very well made bird's nest shape and was stored in ideal conditions; an old house in the countryside of southern Taiwan. Humid, hot, and with summer typhoons. This tea is earthy and fungal, and brews very dark for several infusions. It has the feeling of delivering a breath of fresh air into the central nervous system. (4 oz)

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2 Reviews

JB Christy Nov 9th 2023

Rich, light, delicious!

I bought this blind because the description says it brews up dark, and I like my pu-erhs thick and dark and chewy. But I disagree with the description. This is light for a cooked pu-erh. But it's still earthy, rich, and a tad sweet. Delicious! I'm delighted with this tea, even tho it wasn't at all what I expected. Each tuo weighs ~4.5g and is very tightly packed. I'm on my 3rd infusion with 205° water, and it's just starting to loosen up around the edges. The liquor is a beautiful amber with a smooth mouth feel and a gentle, refreshing energy. I will buy more of this!

Philip McKinney May 20th 2021

Bee's Knees Bird's Nest

Very flavorfull. An earthy like taste with a floral nose. One bulb easily did two of my 16oz cast iron steepers. Keep an eye on it as it gets pretty strong if you let it sit in water and under heat very long. Certainly will do again.

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