Gong Fu Cha Stations

One of the coolest things about a gong fu tea brewing setup is that it is a unit that can be placed in a variety of locations. A full set up will contain everything necessary to brew tea, including a hot water source, kettle, and a place for discarded water. This extra water comes from heating and rinsing tea ware, any pour overs, and spills. A self-contained brew set up is not only functional and ready to use at the place where you want to brew tea, but it is also aesthetically pleasing. You can put a brew setup anywhere and my favorite place to keep a brew setup is either a study or a tea room. Living rooms are nice as well. I especially like to have one outside, on a deck or on a patio. But an outdoor set up, instead of living outside, can be carried out, or rolled out on a cart. A gong fu brew set up is a great addition to any nice little nook, as it adds a layer of hospitality, contemplation, and elegance to any area.

There are two kinds of trays. One is a tray that will catch and hold all of the extra water, and the other has a drain that drains into something (like a hidden bucket). This kind of gets into the territory of wet brewing vs. dry brewing. With wet gong fu brew, there is more allowance for pouring over and even some spilling. Dry gong fu brewing is more of a test of skill, or a demonstration of skill for that matter. This is because a set up designed around dry gong fu brewing usually doesn’t allow for spilling.

Building up a set up that is the right fit for your brew needs and gong fu tea practice is a fun and rewarding process. I encourage all that are into tea to experiment with gong fu brewing.