Growing tea from seed

tea sprouts

Over the years, the interest in and knowledge about tea has gone up and we have been so pleased to see people develop over time. So many of you have now become very sophisticated in your ability to discern amongst the high quality tea. I say this because it wasn’t so long ago that I sat and heard the accounts first hand of how you liked a certain tea and what characteristics you liked about it. It was all real and today it is happening online which is pretty fun too and it is fun for me to be a part of.

This process has been a deep dive inward for many of us, and now it is part of starting this blog again and part of the interaction of creating that excites me about writing again. Of note: the baby tea plants are shining. From seed these amazing little plants are making their way into this world. They are from the seeds of plants that were grown in a very small area of the Friendly Street neighborhood, from the plants at the teahouse, the plants at my house, a few blocks away and the plants of a neighbor another block away. These are the seeds from the sochi 2007 and the korean 2013 cultivars. I’m excited to go from seed as the genetic material should be more adapted to this climate than the already established plants.

Several vibrant seeds are sprouting and it is encouraging to see their energy unleashed. Where they will live, I am not sure. Part of this was just an experiment as I’ve never previously succeeded in growing tea from seed. This year, the results are pretty spectacular. Sooner or later as the plants are ready some of these plants will be available for purchase, but for now, these little babies are growing up fast.