​Teaware Essentials: Chapter 2

So we talked about the pot. Alternatively, you can go for a guiwan or a porcelain pot. But I say, plunge in. Go Deep. And go for the clay. It has more potential to improve your overall tea character. Almost necessary to go with the teapot is a poker tool. The poker is in case you have a teapot with no screen. I’ve been told that the no screen pots are the older style. And with whole leaf tea, no screen is no problem because the leaves open up big enough so that you don’t really need a screen. You will need a poker because the pot can get a little clogged before the leaves have unfurled enough. It is important that the poker is not metal. Metal pokers can cause the pot to chip. Bone or porcupine quill might work well, but I opt for wood. Bamboo seems best because it has just the right amount of flexibility and durability. If you don’t want to buy a poker, you can find one, you can fashion one, or you can get by using a toothpick. It is important to have the pick on hand as one of the essential tools from the moment you begin. Restricted flow from the pot is not only a vibe kill, it can cause your tea to over steep. It doesn’t happen every time, but when it does, you need to be ready to spear your spout with the trusty tea pick.