Eugene Breakfast

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Heavy duty wakey-wakey tea. Certified organic from Yunnan, China, malty, rich, and smooth. Good on its own or with milk or cream. This is one of the teas that makes a nice coffee replacement for anyone that is trying to make a full conversion from coffee to tea. Brewed strong, with an ample scoop of dry leaves, the effects of this tea are stimulating and warming. We love this tea iced or hot. This is a daily drinker for many of our customers and I'd encourage you to try it as well!

Color: Medium Amber, Poplar Honey

Nose: Molasses, Barley, Red Wine Reduction

Flavor: Dark Honey, Fall Leaves, Wheat Berries, Hickory Nuts

Style: Orange Pekoe Black Tea

Mouth Feel: Low Acid, Medium Finish, Medium Tannins, No Acidity



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5 Reviews

Stuart Dec 22nd 2021

The bomb

I've tried a whole bunch of similar-ish breakfast teas and there just isn't a better one for the price. Bold and malty and incredibly delicious. I steep it for 5 minutes and hit it with a glug of soymilk.

Holly Dec 3rd 2021

Beautiful Breakfast Tea

This tea is so delicious and light for a breakfast tea. I get citrus notes and a bit of Earl Gray notes on the finish. It is lovely on its own or with a splash of oat milk.

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