Grapefruit Oolong

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2021 harvest tightly rolled green oolong meets the gigantic flower from the grapefruit tree to create a tangy, fruity, playful tea that fills the mouth with substance. Mouthfeel pulls the palate creating a sense of urgency only satiated by this powerful tea. 

 Color: Pale Grassy Yellow

Nose: Honey, Yellow Flowers, Summer Squash

Flavor: Grapefruit, Tropical Fruit, Ocean Air, Purple Flowers

Style: Scented Green Oolong

Mouth Feel: Medium Tannins, Low Acidity, Medium-Long Finish


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2 Reviews

Mel Stark Jun 4th 2022

Wonderful way to enjoy the day

I often choose an oolong tea for my afternoon sipping enjoyment. This tea is very refreshing and really hits the spot when I need a mild pick me up to carry me to the evening.

matthew c Jun 21st 2021

Surpassed expectations

I thought this would be just a scented tea ala Jasmine tea, but was pleasantly surprised with the fruity and floral tones of the tea. The smell is amazing, light in the mouth, and subtle changes through infusions to keep things interesting.

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