Liu Bao 1998

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Brew Suggestions: 3g of tea / 110 ml water / water as hot as possible / 3 minute steep time 

Color: Dark Honey, Light Brown, Dark Amber, Red

Nose: Burned Wood, Earthy, Mushrooms

Flavor: Whiskey, Peaty, Mossy, Wet Earth

Style: Dark Tea

Mouth Feel: Low Tannin, Low Acidity, Longer Finish

Good for several infusions, keeps its flavor even as the tea lightens.



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1 Review

Meir Goldstein Jan 31st 2023

Great smoky Oolong

An Oolong that tastes more like a Puer than your standard roasted Oolong, certainly at first blush. If you generally like that smoky or peaty taste, give this one a shot. Quite tasty indeed.

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