Mu Zha Winter 2012

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Many of our finest oolong teas come from Mu Zha, Taiwan. Mu Zha grows a small amount of tea each year relative to other Taiwan tea areas such as Dong Ding or Li Shan.

Many times, even with outstanding teas, I'm most impressed with the aroma left in the porcelain of a recently emptied cup. But with this tea, the liquid itself posesses a captivating, layered aroma of almonds and vanilla, roasted and nutty but with subtle hints of high-mountain green in the first infusion. This influence is possibly caused by the popularity of green goddess from An Xi China. Later infusions hint towards a black tea with citric notes. It's rare for a tea to capture this range of flavors - primaily through texture.

It almost tastes as you'd imagine from the smell with a melon-like texture. The aftertaste is smooth and creamy, a little sweet, hearty and cleansing without overwhelming the system.
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1 Review

Chris Jun 7th 2023

Crafted to last

First two steeps dissolve the traditional leather and tobacco to expose stone fruit preserves by the third or fourth steep. The climate of eleven years ago in a far away land. Drink it all.

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