Tai Yi

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This is a great introduction to aged oolong teas. It gives the drinker a glimpse into Taiwan tea history, as this is the type of oolong tea that was commonly consumed in Taiwan. A Wu Yi varietal that was grown and processed in a twisted leaf style, much like some other Northern grown oolongs of Taiwan. This version has a higher degree of oxidation and roast, and is both savory and rich. Despite this tea's popularity, it was eventually displaced by high mountain tea. It fell out of popularity and production has all but ceased. This is a batch from a bygone era, and sips like some liquor filled with meaning both empty and full.

Color: Dark Amber, Brownish Red

Nose: Molasses, Dark Honey, Roasted Coals, Grilled Pineapple

Flavor: Lily Blossom, Unripe Fruit Tannins, Creme Brulee

Style: Aged Oolong from Taiwan

Mouth Feel: Medium Tannins, Long Finish, No Acidity


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